Hottest fitness trends of 2013

4. Dance fusion classes Zumba classes are great for a broad spectrum of athletes looking for a varied cardio workout without the equipment-intense sessions or marathon-level running. While Philly has tons of Zumba classes to offer, Zumba isnt the only way to dance away those unwanted pounds. Philly Dance Fitness offers extreme ballet classes, hip-hop, jazz and even striptease aerobics if youre feeling frisky, while House Party Fitness incorporates resistance training in their dance routines. Lastly, Cohen touted her own fitness class, Pound as a hot new fitness trend. The class is described as a fusion of cardio, pilates, plyometrics, isometric movements and poses into a full-body 45 minute class that can burn 600-900 calories per hour. Cohen uses weighted drumsticks (called Ripstix) and rhythm to lead a full body cardio jam session. Lets just say if this comes to Philly, well be signing up to try it!
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Celebrity fitness trainer Suzanne Bowen: Tighten, Tone and Torch

Children and Pop

You’ll need light hand weights. Bonus: With the DVD, you get a free one-month trial membership to Suzanne’s site for on-demand streaming barre, mat and interval workouts and exercise regimes. Also recommended: If you’re concerned with love handles, belly bulge and muffin top, we also recommend ” Gorgeous Core with Suzanne Bowen” (click to order ). From a metabolism bootcamp to plank and Pilates inspired moves, this DVD works every facet of your midsection to achieve, as the title promises, a gorgeous core.
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Wahoo Fitness PROTKT: Bike mount and protective case in one

Let’s take a look! Opening the PROTKT box, you’re confronted with a bunch of components. The most obvious is the iPhone 5 case, which is built like a tank. If you’re a professional bike racer, you’re not going to like the PROTKT because it’s not very aerodynamically designed. On the other hand, you probably shave your legs, arms and head, so maybe that lack of friction will make up for the boxiness of the PROTKT case. Wahoo Fitness PROTKT Case and Bicycle Mount Like any good tank, the PROTKT case is sealed up tight and hard to get into. I actually had to check out the instructions online to figure out how to open the case, and even there it took a good tug to get the top to pop off (it’s held down with some rubberized strips that run along the sides of the case for “grippiness”).
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